Overview of V3 contact activity reporting

Contacts are the recipients of email campaigns. The Contacts Activity Reporting endpoints provide insight into the interactions that individual contacts have had with email campaigns. The data returned is contact specific, opposed to data aggregated from all contacts. This data can help determine the effectiveness of campaigns.

Activity Types

The interactions that a contact has with an email campaign are referred to as ‘activities’. The activity types are as follows:

  • em_sends: A send is when an email is sent to a contact.
  • em_opens: An open is when a contact opens an email.
  • em_clicks: A click is when a contact clicks on a link included in an email.
  • em_bounces: A bounce is an undelivered email. An email could bounce due to a spelling error in the address, a full inbox, a technical glitch, or any other variety of reasons.
  • em_optouts: An optout is when a contact chooses to unsubscribe from future emails.
  • em_forwards: A forward is when a contact forwards an email.

Activity Summary

This endpoint returns a list of email campaigns sent to a contact and a summary of the activities the contact had with that email. The endpoint has three required parameters:

  • contact_id: a UUID that uniquely identifies a contact.
  • start: the start date for the date range that activity summaries are being requested (ISO 8601 format).
  • end: the end date for the date range that activity summaries are being requested (ISO 8601 format).
start and end query parameters must be provided in ISO 8601 format. For example: 2018-08-16T12:30:00Z.

The response is limited to 200 emails with a pagination link to the next 200 emails. Use this report to see a summary showing which campaigns a contact has interacted with and how.

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Activity Details

This endpoint returns a detailed list of activities a contact had with each campaign sent to them. Each entry in the list will specify:

  • the email campaign the activity occurred on
  • a date and time value when the activity occurred
  • the contact ID for the contact involved in the activity
  • the activity type

Call the endpoint to return information on one activity type or on multiple activity types. Append the query parameter tracking_activities_list to the url. Set the query parameter to a comma separated list of the activity types desired. Use this endpoint to see detailed information regarding a contact’s interactions with an email campaign.

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Open and Click Rates

This endpoint returns the average open rate and the average click rate of a single contact for the most recent 200 email campaigns within a given date range.

The date range cannot exceed 5 years from start to end.

The endpoint returns the rates and the number of campaign activities that were included in the calculation. If no activities fall into the given date range, all rates will return 0 and the number of included activities will be 0. Use this endpoint to get a measure of the contacts overall engagement with your email campaigns.

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