Understand the rate limits used by the V3 API.

V3 API Rate Limits

The V3 API limits the number of requests you can send to ensure API stability and to prevent abuse. You can use your API key to send up to 10,000 requests per day and 4 requests per second. The request limit resets each day at UTC 00:00:00.

To prevent abuse, there are also rate limits on the number of requests you can send to certain endpoints in the V3 API.

All requests that exceed a rate limit return a 429 “Too Many Requests” error code. The V3 API also returns a different error_key value in the response body depending on the type of rate limit you exceeded. If you exceed the 10,000 request per day quota the response body is:

    "error_key": "quota_exceeded",
    "error_message": "Limit Exceeded"

If you exceed the rate of 4 requests per second the response body is:

    "error_key": "throttled",
    "error_message": "Too Many Requests"