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Add Custom Field Data to a Contact Use the `custom_field` subresource to store custom content for each contact in a user's account.
Contacts Overview Overview of V3 contacts functionality
Contact Subresources The Contact resource now includes subresources for payload flexibility.
Custom Fields Overview Use the `custom_field` subresource to create and store information specific to each contact beyond the standard contact resource properties.
Delete a Custom Field Describes how to delete a custom field category, and what happens to contacts with that custom field.
Get Custom Fields Describes how to view an individual custom field, and the entire collection of custom fields in a user's account.
What's New in the V3 API What’s New The Constant Contact V3 API is a complete rebuild of our API in every sense. It has improved performance and reliability, and contact functionality is the same as users experience using Constant Contact. The V3 API is a REST-ful API that uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) payloads...
Create and Update Custom Fields Describes how to create a new custom field, and to update an existing custom field.